About MASTERS Natural Skincare

MASTERS Natural Skincare was founded on the love of skincare products and looking after your skin. MASTERS Natural Skincare is based on the ethos of learning and using nature's goodness in every day life, to enhance your skin through these beautiful gifts from nature.

Our Mission and Vision is to create the best and highest quality natural skincare products, that is therapeutic while enhancing skin conditioning, therefore providing skin nourishment and anti-aging functions.

We buy and source ingredients from local traders and are vehemently against animal cruelty. Our ingredients and products are NOT tested on animals - we love animals!!

All our packaging is recyclable - we love our Earth!

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  • Citrus Fun Foaming Cleanser

    For ultimate face cleansing, we have formulated a fresh citrus foaming wash that removes impurities and excess sebum while remaining gentle on the skin.

    Citrus Fun Foaming Cleanser 
  • Advanced Rejuvenating Night Serum

    Finally a product range that caters for mature skin types. With the combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Ylang Ylang Oil and
    Green Tea Extract, this Facial Night Serum will moisturise and maintain elasticity in your skin.

    Advanced Rejuvenating Night Serum 
  • Anti-Aging Hand Cream

    Masters Natural Skincare Anti-Aging hand cream, is light and leaves no greasy residue on your hands once applied. The Bergamot FCF and Sweet Orange sense uplifts you as the day goes by.

    Anti-Aging Hand Cream with Bergamot FCF and Sweet Orange 
  • Advanced Rejuvenating Night Cream

    With the partner serum, this Face and Neck Night cream will boost the collagen production that
    comes naturally in your skin with the help of Co Enzyme Q10, Vitamin A and Evening Primrose Oil used to formulate this power product!

    Advanced Rejuvenating Night Cream 
  • Healing Elixir for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

    The ultimate oily and acne prone skin saviour! This powerful serum has been formulated with the likes of Vitamin E, Jojoba and Organic Rosehip Oil which are the key ingredients used to treat acne and prevent oily skin.

    Healing Elixir for Oily/Acne Prone Skin 
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I’ve been using the Masters Natural Skincare range for a few months, and I have received so many compliments on how incredible my skin is looking. I’ve suffered with eczema for many years and have tried many products, and the serum is like a magic potion! Won’t use anything else again. Exceptional service.

Jacques Labuschagne

Awesome products! Love the fragrance and how it makes my skin look and feel.

Cobus Benade

I'll never use any other skin products again. The toner is to die for!"

Alet Bensch

Wow! I am blown away by Masters Natural Skincare products! Throughout my life, my skin has always been prone to breakouts. However, after trying the range, it has Mastered my pigmentation and cleared up stubborn breakouts. From the soft and gentle Cleansing Lotion to the tailor-made Facial Serum, it’s an absolute delight doing my skincare routine! The series is packaged beautifully- my heart  fluttered when I received my orders. I highly recommend this natural line of products and cannot wait to discover more skin care gems from here!

Netricia Botha

A Skin Care Product that totally delivers on it's promises.  I've seen an astonishing transformation in my skin. Truly the masters in skin care, they've not only given me a brilliant cleansing and firming routine but also  a smooth, glowing skin. Awesome!  The change is so obvious that I often get asked what I use on my skin.😁The peace de resistance however is this  product is without a doubt the MASTER in anti aging! Only one thing wrong here - I can't live without it! Well done Masters in Natural Skin Care!

Marty Masters

As a man I strongly believe that you have to look after your skin. I was taught, it is never to late to start. I was introduced to Masters Natural Skincare products and what really attracted me was the fact that it's all natural and no harsh chemicals. Using the cleanser, it left my face feeling smooth and soft and the smell lifts your spirit immediately. Toner was refreshing and did not burn my face nor irritate my eyes. The Serum left my face feeling smooth and soft. After applying the Day/Night anti aging cream, the results was immediate for a fresh, healthy and younger looking skin. Followed the same routine the next morning and I did get compliments on my skin. A truly affordable product on the market that I strongly do believe will lift any dull complexion to a glowing, healthy and younger looking skin with continuous use. Well done Robyn.

Johan van Nieuwenhuizen

So happy to find a truly natural and organic product without any of the horrible nasties you find in commercial creams.

My skin just soaks it up feeling moisturised, soft and supple. I particularly like the serum – it’s rich and nourishing, yet light and easily absorbed.

Thank you for creating such amazing skincare that smells incredible and is also environment friendly.

Michelle Ferreira